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  • Tran, Duy Hien (New Mexico State University, 1998)
    Essentially this work contributes to the foundations of probabilistic model- ing of imprecise observed data (coarse data) and their statistical inference, with emphasis on the ...eld of ...nancial economics.
  • Cao, Tien Dung (University Bordeaux 1, 2010)
    In this thesis, we propose the testing approaches for web service composition. We focus on unit, integrated testing of an orchestration of web services and also the runtime verification aspect. We defined an unit testing ...
  • Nguyen, Dinh Hoang (Wayne State University, 2011)
  • Bui, Xuan Loc (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008)
    This dissertation addresses certain key problems in the design of an efficient protocol stack for multihop wireless networks. We focus on the following issues: how to extend the network utility maximization (NUM) framework ...
    The present dissertation studies the effects of quantal and thermal fluctuations on the pairing properties of atomic nuclei. As these effects are very important in finite small systems, they need to be taken into account ...

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